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The BS model suction benches are used for the extraction of welding and deburring fumes and dust, suction of wood sanding dust, marble dust extraction, fumes and dust extraction in the engineering industry, foundries and extraction of solvents fumes. The extraction benches are designed in such a way as to extract smoke and dust as soon as they are produced, through specially designed slits, before the pollutants can reach and damage the worker's airways.


Maximum suction

The suction of the BS model suction benches, while being strong, does not jeopardize the welding operations. As the air is extracted in a uniform way, there are no problems regarding forced draught.


Suction bench BS + EVOLUTION suction arm or UNIVERSAL NO-SMOKE suction arm In the event in which dust or noxious gases have to be extracted from particularly heavy or bulky pieces, which cannot be supported by the counter, you can equip the side of the BS bench with a EVOLUTION NO-SMOKE or UNIVERSAL NO-SMOKE extraction arm. Thanks to these arms you can reach up to about 4m away from the suction bench. A special shutter allows the exclusion of the bench in favour of the arm and viceversa.