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The ATEX POLIEX suction bench is designed to be used in ATEX extraction and filtration systems, in accordance with ATEX 2014/34/EU regulation.

The ATEX POLIEX suction benches guarantee, thanks to the careful design of the suction slot, that the smoke and the dust are extracted before it can be inhaled by the operator, therefore eliminating any health risk.


The ATEX POLIEX suction bench is supplied without a motor, with a vacuum table made of galvanized steel and a covered hopper progressive aspiration, control/cleaning opening and a "No Residual Powder" special suction output. The vacuuming work table may be lined with felt to avoid or prevent abrasions or damage to the products being processed.

ATEX POLIEX suction bench installation plan in an ATEX system complete with ATEX filter, diverter, explosion relief panel, ATEX fan.