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OLISMOKE is a counter top extractor aimed at extracting tin welding fumes and vapors, particularly suitable for electronics, electrical engineering and radio engineer, anywhere components are assembled on printed circuit using tin welding.


Principle of operation

The fume extraction is carried out with a OLIFLEX model articulated pipe with a 100mm diameter directly from its source, before it can damage the worker's or operator's airways. A high efficiency fan ensures the necessary vacuum and pushes the air towards the filtration systems that carry out its purification.

The OLISMOKE/CA model also has an activated carbon filter cartridge before the fan in place of the discharge pipe for the filtration of fumes and gas. An additional cartridge in polyester, BIA classified class USGC, with high filtration efficiency (OLISMOKE/CA/B) is also available as an extra. Thanks to the OLISMOKE/CA/B, the filtered air can be recycled in the atmosphere with emission values within legal limits, thus ensuring energy savings.

The construction of the fan, also guarantees the use of the OLISMOKE counter top extractor with low noise level.