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Sleeves / Cartridges / Active carbon filters

Cabine di Carteggiatura ZINCOCAR DF_EN
The ZINCOCAR DF sanding booth is used for suction and filtration of wood sanding dust, steel grinding dust, welding fumes, inert metals dust, surface metallisation dust.
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Filtri a Maniche AIRCOM ATEX_EN
Filtri Cilindrici a Cartucce AIRALT ATEX_EN
The AIRALT ATEX cartridge filters are very high efficiency cartridge filters for the filtration of dry powders, designed to work in environments where high protection against explosions is needed, thus complying with the ATEX 2014/34/EU regulations.
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Filtro KARB_EN
The KARB filter is used for the treatment of emissions, mainly regarding organic solvents. The considerable quantity of activated carbon contained in KARB makes it possible to reduce gaseous emission contaminants ensuring compliance with existing rules.
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