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Electrostatic filters

Filtri Elettrostatici EF-OIL_EN
THE EF-OIL electrostatic filters consist of modular units for the filtration of oil mists.
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Filtro elettrostatico COMPACT_EN
The COMPACT electrostatic filter, thanks to its construction and its particular size, ensures excellent filtering efficiency, thus allowing the filtration of pollutants with particle sizes between 10 and 0.01 µm. At the same time the filter load losses are still limited. Thanks to the fact it is so small, it can be easily installed either on a wall or on the machine tool.
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Gruppo Filtrante NOIL_EN
The NOIL filter unit is used in the extraction and filtration of oil mist, emulsions and oil fumes to recover and recycle them. The filtered oil is collected in the lower part of the separator and flows out through the outlet.
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Gruppo Filtrante OIL STOP C_EN
The OIL STOP C filter unit is used for the extraction and filtering of oil mist.
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Gruppo Filtrante OIL STOP M_EN
The OILSTOP M filtering unit is used in oil mist filtration, particularly suitable for centralised vacuum systems with large air flow.
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