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Depolveratore EUROFILTER 100_EN
The EUROFILTER 100 dust separator is used for the suction of wood dust, and is made of painted sheet metal with a robust, streamlined and soundproofed structure.
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Depolveratore EUROFILTER_EN
The EUROFILTER dust collectors are used in dust suction and shavings suction. They are characterised by strength and solidity that guarantee a greater durability over time, in addition to being easy to use.
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Filtri a Cartucce Orizzontali IPERJET DF_EN
The IPERJET DF horizontal cartridge filter is ideal for the extraction and filtration of welding fumes, extraction and filtration of coarse and fine dust, extraction of shavings, extraction and thermal cutting filtration. The IPERJET DF cartridge filter is particularly suited for indoor use. If possible, the filtered air can be reinstated into the environment, thus ensuring significant energy savings.
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Filtri Aspiratore GRINDEX_EN
The GRINDEX DF suction filter is used in the dry suction of grinder dust, tool grinding with abrasive grinding wheel etc., and where there is the risk of transporting incandescent particles, with the possibility of damaging the filters.
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The wheeled CLEANGO filter is a compact unit on wheels, which is used for the occasional extraction of smoke and dust. Because of its small size, ease of use and efficiency of operation, the wheeled CLEANGO filter is the true solution to the problems of extraction, filtration of welding fumes, suction and filtration of solvent vapours, aerosols, in workplaces. It is therefore intended for those sectors that need easy to carry, small suction and filtration means, which are strong and easy to manoeuvre.
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