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Filtri a Carboni Attivi

Filtro KARB_EN
The KARB filter is used for the treatment of emissions, mainly regarding organic solvents. The considerable quantity of activated carbon contained in KARB makes it possible to reduce gaseous emission contaminants ensuring compliance with existing rules.
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Filtro modulare a carboni attivi KUBO_EN
The KUBO activated carbon filter is a disposable absorber filter, which is used to adsorb high levels of Volatile Organic Compounds (SOV). This carbon filter, characterized by a diamond shape, guarantees a significant duration of activated carbon, in addition to high filtration efficiency.
Unità Filtranti Modulari CLEAN/CARBO_EN
The modular filter units CLEAN and CARBO are used in extraction and filtration plants of welding fumes, gases, vapours, respectively filtering and deodorising the polluted air.
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