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The wheeled CLEANGO filter is a compact unit on wheels, which is used for the occasional extraction of smoke and dust. Because of its small size, ease of use and efficiency of operation, the wheeled CLEANGO filter is the true solution to the problems of extraction, filtration of welding fumes, suction and filtration of solvent vapours, aerosols, in workplaces. It is therefore intended for those sectors that need easy to carry, small suction and filtration means, which are strong and easy to manoeuvre.
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Filtri Carrellati JETCLEAN DF_EN
The wheeled filters with horizontal cartridges JETCLEAN DF are designed for the extraction and filtration of welding fumes, extraction and filtration of fine and coarse dust, and filtration of small quantities of shavings.
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Filtro modulare a carboni attivi KUBO_EN
The KUBO activated carbon filter is a disposable absorber filter, which is used to adsorb high levels of Volatile Organic Compounds (SOV). This carbon filter, characterized by a diamond shape, guarantees a significant duration of activated carbon, in addition to high filtration efficiency.
Gruppo Filtrante AEROIL_EN
The AEROIL electrostatic filter is used for the extraction and filtration of oil mist, emulsions and oil fumes in order to retrieve and recycle what was lost. The filtered oil is collected in the lower part of the separator and flows out through the outlet. Almost total oil recovery and subsequent recycling is possible.
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Gruppo Filtrante OIL STOP C_EN
The OIL STOP C filter unit is used for the extraction and filtering of oil mist.
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