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Ciclone SPC_EN
The SPC Cyclones have two main uses: pre-collectors to improve the efficiency and the performance of the fabric post-filters, or filters for coarse dust like shavings and sawdust extraction systems, metal powders or plastic materials.
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Gruppo ECOFIL per la Pulizia dei Filtri_EN
The ECOFIL air filter cleaning unit allows restoring filters in a quick, cheap and clean way.
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Under floor exhaust gas extraction systems tinplate steel sheet floor trap.
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Rivelatore di Scintilla_EN
The spark detector is a protection system used in the ATEX extraction systems.
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Tubazione Flessibile_EN
T-GAS: Reinforced flexible pipe with black nylon anti-crush spiral for temperature of max.180°C. Suitable for mounting on a winder both on ducted or floor systems. Strongly recommended for its great flexibility, lightness and strength.
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