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Coral Engineering has realized an aspiration plant with VENTURI filter

Aspiration plant whit Venturi 6000

An aspiration and filtration plant for powder has been realized from Coral Engineering with utilization of the innovative filtering unit mod. VENTURI 6000.

Aspiration plant details

In this application, dusts are very sensitive with the variation of humidity and temperature and for this was not possible the utilization of standard dry sleeves filter.  The pollutant,  sucked from very powerful aspiration created from high efficiency centrifugal fan that works at high pressure, arrives at double venturi pipe an at cyclonic preseparator. When dust is dropped from a filtering media fabric that realizes a separation between sold dust and water. Customer, in relation at the good outcome, will realize in next future a new installation for a new line.


Technical details

Application: solid material for realization of sticky resins

Capacity: 6000 mc/h

Pressure: 6000 Pa

Power: 18,5 Kw