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NEW plant for European Space Agency

Plant for aspiration of pyrotechnic powders

Coral Engineering has realized a new installation for powder filtrationaspiration and filtration of pyrotechnic powders  for European Space Agency in French Guyana.


powder filtration

Technical details about this installation

Aspiration plant has been realized to put at service of thin particulate Ammonium Perchlorate preparation process, that is solid  comburent for solid combustible mixtures.  Installation is composed from self bringing suction arms model EVOLUTION No-Smoke in ATEX version.  Powder Filtration and aspiration is  guaranteed from circular sleeves filter model AIRCOM D=1600 and from centrifugal fan model PRU 500/2 with directly coupled motor of 11Kw. All installation has been realized in stainless steel AISI 304. powder filtrationpowder filtration