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Health Protection

The relevance of air purification systems and industrial vacuum cleaners in the workplace. CORAL Engineering, Milan

Italian legislation establishes the obligation for the employer to make a health and safety risk assessment integrated with a risk assessment for exposure to chemical agents (Legislative Decree no. 81/2008, Legislative Decree no. 106 / 2009, Decree no. 25/2002), including raw materials, semi-finished products, any flue gas exhaust or degradation, final products. After the necessary assessments have been carried out, the employer is required to minimize, with all technically feasible measures, the risks to which workers are exposed. In particular, to minimize the risk of respiratory apparatus diseases, the least possible harmful products must be used. It is therefore necessary that the production units and the machines are equipped with suction and air purification systems as well as industrial extractors, making sure that these limit the contact between the harmful products and the workers.

CORAL Engineering, Milan produces and installs systems and products for all the main industrial sectors: mechanical, wood, paint, electronics, chemical, pharmaceutical, food, automotive. These products include: industrial extractors, centrifugal industrial fans, air suction systems, extraction systems for welding fumes, dust extraction systems, oil mist extraction systems, spray booths, bag filters, cartridge filters, suction bench, extraction arms, Atex extractors, Atex systems, Atex centrifugal industrial fans, Atex filters.