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Centrifugal industrial fans: technical features. CORAL Engineering, Milan

The centrifugal industrial fans represent the main component of the extraction system for air purification and filtration. It is the means by which the necessary extraction is carried out in all extraction systems. According to the UNI ISO 13349: 2009 standard (Vocabulary and definitions of categories) it is possible to give a definition to the centrifugal industrial fans, their direction of rotation, the conventional designation of the delivery port positions and application solutions and engine positions in respect to the fan.


ventilatori industriali coral


The CORAL standard industrial fans have an installation with extraction and outlet sides connected to a pipe; the purchase of centrifugal fans implies that the buyer will make the connections to the pipes and / or machinery as specified in the UNI EN ISO12499-2009 standard. CORAL Engineering, Milan provides appropriate accessories for other configurations.

The CORAL Engineering industrial fans comply with the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC defined "partly machinery", each fan is accompanied by incorporation statements as in Annex II Part 1 Section B.

Centrifugal fans are those in which the air enters the impeller with a substantial axial direction and leaves them in a direction perpendicular to the axis. The industrial fans impeller blades can be: negative or reversed (curved backwards), positive (curved forward), straight (radial).

Centrifugal industrial fans can have 16 different orientation positions, 8 clockwise (RD) and 8 counter-clockwise (LG). The direction of rotation is determined by looking at the centrifugal fan from the side of the transmission or engine. For the industrial centrifugal fans the motor position is indicated as W when it is placed to the right of the transmission shaft, Z when it is placed to the left of the transmission shaft.

For potentially explosive environments Special centrifugal fans are produced with two different types of certification: non sparking and/or anti-ignition fans or Atex fans which comply with the 2014/34/EU Directive.

Some types of industrial fans:

  • Centrifugal fan with reverse blade impeller for the extraction of very dusty air, transportation of granular materials, non-fibrous shavings.
  • Centrifugal fan with reverse blade impeller, for the extraction of clean air or slightly dusty air and coating plants. 
  • Centrifugal fan with reverse blade impeller for dusty air, sawdust and non-fibrous shavings.
  • Centrifugal fan with forward curved impeller for high flow rates of clean or slightly dusty air, fume extraction and vapour extraction.
  • Centrifugal fan with reverse blades for the extraction of air, even if dusty, and pneumatic transport. 
  • Centrifugal fan with forward curved blades or open blades, suitable for the extraction of exhaust gases and extraction of combustion fumes.
  • Centrifugal fan with open blades, Suitable for the transport of granular material.
  • Centrifugal fan with open blades for pneumatic conveying and extraction of dusty air, including fibrous materials.
  • Helical intubated fan.
  • Roof fan with reversed blades for the extraction of smoke and vapour and air change.