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Area Service and Sicurteam of Trezzano Rosa are Coral Engineering's partners

Area Service - Trezzano Rosa (Milano - Italy)
Services company created to satisfy the customer by offering technical systems audits, preventive maintenance, routine maintenance, extraordinary maintenance with a high standard of quality..
Sicurteam Trezzano Rosa (Milano - Italy)
SicurTeam is in partnership with Coral Engineering Srl. Using technicians able to conjugate normative knowledge with elevated project abilities and a specific know-how, SicurTeam proposes global services, competitive in the costs and prestigious in the quality, that extends itself to the whole area of the safety.

Coral designs and manufactures aspiration systems all over the world, through the companies of the group


Coral Volpiano (Torino - Italy)
The company makes standard components for the air cleaning sector using cutting-edge technology machines. Processes are monitored step-by-step. The company's premises extend over an area of 28,000 square metres, of which 13,000 are covered. The Volpiano plant employs a staff of 110. Processes are constantly supervised by 30 engineers employed in management and design.
Eurotherm Volpiano (Torino - Italy)
The firm, constituted in 1958, is specialized in the sector of surfaces treatment, drying, cooking, thermo-treatments of industrial products. Its principal activities develop him in the world of the automobile and the sub-supplies.
Coral Engineering Volpiano (Torino - Italy)
The company is at the gates of Turin, on an area of 6,000 square meters, of which 3,000 are covered. The reliability and top quality of past and presently installed systems is confirmed and guaranteed by ISO 9001 certification. The company is specialised in the auto sector, in addition to standard sector systems.
Coind Volpiano (Torino - Italy)
The company designs and builds purification systems for civilian and industrial purposes. The company has been working in the ecological engineering sector since 1976, with computerised design, management and control systems. The company has always been intensively involved in research to update activities and anticipate customers' needs.
Coral Engineering Altavilla Vicentina (Vicenza - Italy)
The company occupies an area of 1,500 square metres, offering a punctual service for the entire area. Thanks to twenty years of presence on the local market and continuous, constant growth, today the company is leader in the system sector and specialised in the drying sector.
CORAL Bologna
Coral Engineering Ozzano dell’Emilia (Bologna - Italy)
It produces and installs systems and products for all major industrial sectors: mechanics, wood, painting, electronics, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, food, automotive.
Coral Engenierie (Lione - France)
Located on the outskirts of the city, occupies an area of 12,000 square meters of which 5,000 are covered. The company is structured with special parts production departments and customer services like regular and extraordinary maintenance.
Coral Promindus (Parigi - France)
The headquarter in the south of Paris occupies 2,500 square metres in a total area of 5,000 square metres. The company's professional, flexible structure is specialised in nuclear and pharmaceutics sectors, in addition to traditional air cleaning systems.
Airtec Coral Poitiers (Bordeaux - France)
The company offers highly professional services for standard and special air cleaning and filtering systems. The young, flexible organisation is ready for prompt action. Dynamic sales staff and very experienced engineers complete the company structure.
Coral Quickduct (Manchester - England)
The facilities include offices and a 1000 square metre warehouse set up for marketing standard fume and dust components, including filters, ventilators, aspirating arms, tubes and related accessories.
Coral Middle East (Jumeirah Lake Towers - Dubai UAE)
Coral North America (Raleigh - North Carolina - USA)