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Impianto aspirazione polveri pellet

  • Type of system:
    • Suction of dust pellets
  • Air flow:
    • 50.000 m³/h
  • Filter Type:
    • Cartridge filter AIRCOMPACT ATEX
  • Fan:
    • PR 1000/4 - 75 kW


General Description:

A system for the extraction and filtration of pellet dust, produced from bagging operations, was built as follows: 10 suction points distributed over 3 hoppers for loading of material, have been positioned in order to allow a correct suction of all dust and to prevent its dispersion in the environment. The suction hoses of suitable diameter are positioned behind the area affected by the discharge in order to remove the contaminant directly from where it originates from. A main pipeline conveys the contaminant to a AIRCOMPACT ATEX cartridge filter, with compressed air automatic cleaning. The filter is further provided with breaking panels. This protection allows to place the parts at risk of explosion in such condition that when a detonation occurs, their destructive power is directed to a previously organized area. A FLAP isolation valve provides an additional level of safety in order to prevent the propagation of an explosion through the ducts. An ATEX high performance centrifugal electrical exhauster creates the necessary vacuum and conveys the filtered gas in the air through the exhaust stack.