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Impianto aspirazione polveri e esalazioni alimentari


  • Type of system:
    • Food dust suction;
    •  Food odours suction.
  • Air flow:
    • 2.800 m³/h;
    • 2.200 m³/h.
  • Filter Type:
    • Cartridge filter AIRCOMPACT
  • Fan:
    • PRA 280, 4 kW;
    • PRM 250, 2.2 kW.


General Description:

For the extraction and removal of odours from the production of food flavourings in the weighing area a system was built as follows: a front hood, made of sturdy galvanized steel, internally strengthened and appropriately sized was placed near the area where the pollutant originates from. A bypass damper ensures the suction, depending on the height of the drum in the weighing area.

For the extraction and filtration of the dust coming from the mixers, suction arms have been provided instead, placed above the production area. The filtration is obtained with the installation of an AIRCOMPACT cartridge filter, fitted with a demister for dust settling and with a countercurrent cleaning system. The necessary vacuum is obtained by a centrifugal electrical exhauster positioned outside the shed that in addition to ensuring suction conveys the gas, once filtered, into the atmosphere through the exhaust stack.