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Impianto aspirazione e filtrazione polveri di gomma


  • Type of system
    •  Rubber dust suction and filtration
  • Air flow:
    • 7.000 m³ / h
  • Filter Type:
    •  Sleeves filter mod AIRCOM.


General Description:

For the extraction and filtration of rubber dust from grinding of tyres a system was built as follows: 2 hoods and some flexible suction hoses have been arranged near the processing area in order to remove the pollutant directly from the production area. A main manifold conveys the polluted air to a AIRCOM model sleeves filtration system. The dusty air is fed, below the filtering sleeves, through the opening inserted and connected to the hopper. The dust contained in the extracted air, due to the considerable decrease in speed, precipitates in the collection container and is then fed to the filtering sleeves passing from outside to inside, thus depositing the impurities and returning the purified air. During the work, the filter is kept perfectly efficient, through a counter-current cyclic cleaning system. The necessary vacuum is guaranteed by a high performance centrifugal electrical exhauster which conveys the filtered air into the atmosphere through the exhaust pipe.