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Impianto aspirazione polveri con banchi aspiranti


  • Type of system:
    • Dust extraction with suction benches
  • Air flow:
    • 16.000 m³/h
  • Filter Type:
    • Cartridge filter AIRCOMPACT ATEX
  • Fan:
    • PR 500/2 - 18.5 kW


General Description:

For the extraction and the removal of dust developed during production, a system was built as follows: two suction benches, 4 meters in length each are arranged in series, with the aim to remove the pollutant directly during the grinding operations.

The benches are connected to a main pipeline, which conveys the pollutant to an AIRCOMPACT model, ATEX version compressed air self-cleaning cartridge filter: the polluted air is then drawn in through the inlet chamber connected to the hopper. The dust, due to the considerable decrease in speed, will precipitate in the collection container and subsequently is conveyed to the filter cartridges passing from outside to inside thus depositing the impurities and returning the purified air. During the work, the filter is kept perfectly efficient, through a counter-current cyclic cleaning system. The filter is also provided with bursting panels: this protection allows you to put the hazardous parts in such a manner that when a detonation occurs, they vent their destructive powers toward a previously organized area. The necessary vacuum of the entire circuit is guaranteed by a high performance centrifugal electrical exhauster, which has the additional function of conveying the filtrated gas into the atmosphere through the exhaust stack.