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Cabina di discatura particolari in fibra di carbonio


  • Type of system:
    • Carbon fibre components discing cabin
  •  Air flow:
    • 30,000 m³/h grid section;
    • 8,000 m³/h bench section;
  • Filter type:
    • Cartridge filter mod. ATEX Aircompact. Reintroduction of heated air into the cabin via CTA.
  • Fan:
    • PR 900 to 37 kW;
    • PRM 450 to 5.5 kW


General Description:

A discing cabin was installed as follows: a 800 mm wide raging tank has been made where the piping and sector uptake hoppers with manual dampers for flow regulation and reduction have been placed. The excavation was closed with suitable grids for the weight it has to support and reinforced with supporting pillars. The cabin walls are made of 80/100 mm thick panels, suitable for delimitation and soundproofing. The suction through the grid is carried out by a high performance centrifugal electrical exhauster. The filtration is carried out by a cartridge filtration system with pneumatic cleaning. The purified air is expelled through the exhaust stack equipped with a sampling inlet positioned compliant to the regulation. In the upper part of the room a sky filtering system and an air intake plenum have been installed so as to create a vertical flow to capture the dust. The forced air induction into the cabin takes place through a gas condensing generator with 31.000 m³/h air flow. The system is completed with an electrical panel equipped with inverter, general regulation, valves and control instruments, galvanized sheet pipe, galvanized outside air inlet pipe, air distribution panels.

Next to the grid cabin, a cabin has been installed containing two POLIJET suction benches for the trimming of small pieces. The 1.500 mm benches are each equipped with inner cartridges and compressed air cleaning. The suction from the benches is carried out by a high performance centrifugal electrical exhauster.