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Impianto aspirazione e filtrazione trucioli di alluminio con nebulizzazioni di olio

General Description:

The suction and filtration system for aluminum shavings was thus realized: the suction hoses of adequate diameter with exclusion and calibration dampers are positioned on the area of ​​the cutters in order to remove the pollutant directly where it originates from. The suction hoses are connected to a main manifold which conveys the pollutant to a battery of three pre separator cyclones complete with a sealed container and subsequently through a triple filtration Clean FV model final filtering system.
The suction duct is provided with suitable inspection doors for maintenance. A high performance centrifugal fan creates the necessary vacuum and conveys the filtered gas to the exhaust stack.


  • Type of system:
    • Suction and filtration of aluminum shavings with oil mist
  •  Air flow:
    • 6,200 m³/h;
  • Filter type:
    •  Battery of 3 pre separator cyclones
    • Final finish coalescing filter
  • Fan:
    • PRVM710 / T - 18.5 kW. Atex implementation zone 22