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Impianto aspirazione e filtrazione polveri cabina di sabbiatura

General Description:

For dust suction and filtration from blasting cabins a dust suction and filtration plant  has been made as follows: 4 suction couplings are placed at the bottom of the blasting cabin, while the air inlet is placed on the roof of the cabin. The suction hoses are connected to a main manifold, which conveys the polluted air to an AIRCOMPACT model cartridge filter . A high efficiency centrifugal fan, placed in a soundproof box to reduce the noise, creates the necessary vacuum and conveys the filtered gas through suitably sized exhaust stack and equipped with analysis sampling opening.


  • Type of system:
    • Blasting cabin suction and dust filtration system
  • Air flow:
    • 28,000 m³ / h
  • Filter Type:
    • AIRCOMPACT cartridge filter
  • Fan: