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Impianto aspirazione e filtrazione carbonio

  • Type of system:
    • Carbon dust filtration and suction
  • Air flow:
    • 21,000 m³/h
  • Filter Type:
    • Cartridge filter AirCompact ATEX mod.
  • Fan:
    • PRM 630/4 - 30 kW 



General Description:

For the extraction and the collection of carbon dust produced during processing a system was built as follows: the reclamation of the work environment and the exchange of air are obtained by creating a uniform flow of air from the top down, through the suction at the front thanks to a front part, which measures 2 x 6 m and is 500 mm deep.

The suction wall will be divided into two with two 2 m x 3 m exhaust sections. The plant is equipped with two pneumatic shutters to exclude one wall or the other. With the use of a preset inverter at two different stages, 30 Hz and 50 Hz, it is possible to automatically adapt the flow in function of the number of walls in use. The filtration of the extracted flow is obtained by installing a cartridge filter, AIRCOMPACT model, appropriately sized according to extracted air flow and which complies with ATEX regulations.

The necessary vacuum and the consequent uptake of flush wall speed are obtained through a centrifugal electrical exhauster positioned outside the shed that in addition to ensuring suction conveys the gas, once filtered, into the atmosphere through the exhaust stack.