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Impianto aspirazione e filtrazione fumi da caldaia e carbone

Fume extraction system made in Chile at a company operating in the food sector. For smoke collection of three coal-fired boilers 3 AIRCOM sleeves filters were installed with demister, with a total treated air flow of 185,500 m3 / h. For the collection of the pollutant, the extracted air is fed, below the filtering sleeves, through the opening which is inserted and connected to the hopper. The dust contained in the extracted air, due to the considerable decrease in speed, precipitates in the collection container and is then fed to the filtering sleeves passing from outside to inside, thus depositing the impurities and returning the purified air. During the work, the filter is kept perfectly efficient, through a counter-current cyclic cleaning system. The sleeves of the 3 filters, 5 m in length, are made of 100% PTFE fabric (700 g / m2), designed to solve the filtration problem guaranteeing the best durability. For added strength, the sleeve support is made of AISI 316. The necessary vacuum is guaranteed by a high efficiency centrifugal exhaust which conveys the filtered air into the atmosphere through the exhaust pipe. The stack is also provided with stairs and landing to be able to carry out the analysis of emissions at the points established by the regulations.

Type of system:      
        N.03 coal fire boilers flue gas extraction and filtration
Air flow:
       52,500 m³/h;
       66,500 m³/h;
       66,500 m³/h
Filter Type:
       Aircom Sleeves filter 360-5.0 with demister sleeves 5.0 m. PTFE
      Aircom Sleeves filter 432-5.0 with demister sleeves 5.0 m. PTFE
      Aircom Sleeves filter432-5.0 with demister sleeves 5.0 m. PTFE
      PRU1120 / T 75 kW in SS316
      PRU1250 / T 75 kW in SS316