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Coral Engineering Srl

Coral Engineering srl

Coral Engineering Srl has 50 years of experience in the sector of the air, use next-generation technological tools. The reliability of the installations performed in past and those actual are of high quality, confirmed and assured by the certifications.

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The services of Coral Engineering include: assistance and reliefs in the determination of the choice of the plant, planning, specifications and realizations in work. The products are standardized, sectional, functioning and aesthetically pleasant.


The structure, technique and commercial it is particularly organized and flexible, the unities of installation and testing, besides the assistance post sale, assures a complete service to the customer. The ready delivery of the orders is guaranteed from a rational organization of the job.

coral milano

Coral Engineering Srl is in via Venezia 4/6, 20060 Trezzano Rosa (Milan - Italy) is near Highway A4 (E64) Milan-Venice between the exit of Cavenago Brianza and Trezzo d’Adda in Trezzano Rosa City.