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Air filtering systems and air treatment

Coral is the leading company in the design and construction of industrial filtering systems and industrial air treatment plants.

Coral Milano

For over 50 years, the company is a leader in the design and construction of air filtering systems and plants for welding fume extraction.

Coral Engineering Srl is in first line for the safeguard of the workers’s health on the job place. The company proposes advance products in the sector of antipollution industrial systems and welding fume filter. The company manufactures and markets equipment for air treatment systems, oil mist filters and, in general, industrial vacuum cleaners for a wide variety of applications.
Coral Engineering Srl has an undisputed strong experience in the field of ecology and a successfully operating in compliance with the pollution of air, water and noise. The firm made a large number of industrial filtration of pollutants working on European territory.

Product Focus

Industrial fans

Industrial fans are the main element in the industrial vacuum. It is the machinery that establishes and controls the aspiration in all aspiration and air filtration systems. Coral develops direct industrial centrifugal fans, centrifugal transmission fans, axial fans, roof fans; in standard version and for potential explosive environmental.

Suction Benches

Main applications: ‘BS’ model exhaust benches are used for welding, trimming, grinding and smoothing operations in the wood, marble, metal, foundry industries, etc. and in the aspiration of solvent vapours. The careful study of the echaust slots in our benches allows full fume and toxic dust aspiration as they arise, before they are breathed in by operators, causing lung damage.

Aspiration arms

The Evolution no-smoke self-supporting suction arm represents the best technical solution for the suction of welding smoke, gas, vapours, aerosol, oil fumes, dusts, etc. Compliance with the law: the Evolution no-smoke has been designed and built in full compliance with current laws relating to the safety of the place of work and the removal of hazardous fumes and polluting substances from the working environment.

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