Wet filters

Several applications take advantage of the efficient mixture of air and water typical of hydrodynamic functioning of wet filters, compared to common dry filters.



Top versatility: they’re also suitable for applications with extremely dusty and high temperature airflows or very dangerous pollutants.


High separation efficiency: polluting particles are eliminated through the impact against the system wet walls and the direct interception of water.


Energy saving, thanks to the possibility of releasing back the clean air into the environment and recycle water reducing its consumption.

Main products

Filtri ad umido - Venturi


Filter VENTURI can be used in dust filtration systems in production processes which generate water insoluble dusts, such as metals, composites, resins, inert substances. They’re also used for dust generating burning particles which can cause fires or explosions in dry filters.


Complete filter unit made of dynamic profile fixed centrifugal elements to clean air containing polluting dust which uses a hydrodynamic elimination mechanism.

Filtering efficiency of the mixture of air and water

The large variety of industries using aspiration and filtration systems encourages Coral team to diversify its range of products more and more to keep serving the whole international industry successfully. For this reason, besides the most commonly used dry filters, our company offers the more complex wet filters as well. They’re hydrodynamic filter units using the mixture of air and water to remove contaminants. Inlet air pass through a centrifugal unit and, at the same time, a strong jet of water hits it to capture dust. Before being released back to the environment, the air pass through a drop separator to deposit any remaining water drops. Instead, the water with dust is collected in a tank and recycled continuously.

However, in case particles are absorbed by the liquid, it becomes useless and its disposal it will be necessary. Although wet aspiration and filtration systems are more expensive than common dry filters, they are more suitable and necessary in many production processes. Indeed, their main advantage lies in a high versatility which makes them suitable for applications with extremely dusty and high temperatures airflows or very dangerous pollutants as well.

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