Vertical cartridge filters

Industrial processing generating limited concentrations of fumes and dust can use mechanical dry filtration of cartridge filters, equipped with a wide filter surface which is able to clean inlet air, retaining and separating solid particles.



Wide filtering surface which can rapidly retain small quantities of small and medium sized particles.


Low maintenance needed, guaranteed by long time high performances and compressed air self-cleaning systems for the filter.


Space saving design: the compact structure is suitable for small installation spaces as well.

Main products

Filtri a cartucce - Aircompact


The AIRCOMPACT cartridge filter with automatic backwashing cleaning is made of cartridge filter elements encased in an airtight central body and it’s designed to work in vacuum mode. The filter can be correctly used for treatment of fumes and dust. It’s also available in ATEX version with relative safety systems and accessories.

Filtri a cartucce - Airalt


Cylindrical filter which extracts fumes and dust from below, allowing to the finest and lightest particles to rise up to the specific filter cartridges, equipped with an automatic compressed air cleaning system which guarantees its constant efficiency. The filter is suitable for high vacuum filtering systems. It’s also available in ATEX version with relative safety systems and accessories.

Coral cartridge filters

Dry technology of cartridge filters is one of the filtration systems used in several industrial sectors. Coral cartridge filters are made of cartridge filter elements encased in an airtight central body and they are designed to work in vacuum systems. The contaminated air enters from the hopper inlet and, due to the abrupt decrease of speed, the larger particles decant and fall into the dust collection bin. The finer or lighter particles rise through the unit, where the filtering cartridges are placed; the contaminated air flows through the cartridges from the outside towards the inside, so that the dust deposits outside and the air flows through the filters and it’s emitted in a purified condition. The gradual accumulation of dust requires a periodical cleaning of the filters: the backwashing cleaning is carried out by a compressed air blast which causes a high frequency oscillating motion to the filters. This air blast technique, also known as “shock wave cleaning”, helps the backwashing process.

The cleaning sequence is carried out on each filter section, by means of diaphragm magnetic valves managed by a cycle timer which determines both pause and operating period. In this way the conditions of efficiency of the filter are always maintained at a maximum. Thanks to this highly reliable cleaning method, after an initial operating period, the filter reaches a nearly constant pressure drop throughout its operating life. Standard filtering cartridges are made of 270g/m polyester fibers with BIA USG classification. Cartridges for particular uses in anti-static, flame retardant, hydro-oil repellent, USG & C polyester are available as an option. Contact our technical office to select the most suitable filter for you needs.

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