Suction walls

Suction walls are designed for big quantities of fumes and dust and perform a frontal extraction of fumes and dust deriving from processing which are carried to internal filtering sections of the wall or to an existing aspiration and filtration system.



Extraction near the emission source: the polluted air is sucked in front of the worker and the work area.


High flexibility: aspiration and filtration unit which can be positioned in the specific work area.


Suitable for applications generating high airflows and big quantities of polluting fumes and dust.

Main products

Pareti aspiranti - Zincowall


Suction wall for the frontal extraction of high airflows containing polluting dry fumes and dust. In relation to processing and on specific demand, it’s possible to design and manufacture a version which is suitable for higher airflow rates. The wall can be connected with a centralized aspiration and filtration system with sized tubes.

Pareti aspiranti - ZincoCar-DF

Zincocar DF

Sanding booth with high efficiency cartridges designed for suction and filtration of wood sanding dust, steel grinding dust, inert materials dust, surface metallization dust and welding fumes.

Pareti aspiranti - Wally


Compact and portable mini suction wall with filter cartridges which is particularly suitable to clean air in occasional welding works and occasional light grinding of small size parts.

Pareti aspiranti - Smokart


Wheeled unit with a small suction countertop which is ideal for air filtration in welding works and occasional light grinding of small size parts.

Frontal aspiration of big quantities of contaminants

Suction walls are the ideal solution in the event that big quantities of contaminants are produced in short time. They are usually positioned in front of the work area when a localized aspiration is not suitable to fix the problem. Suction walls are successfully used with high airflow rates and high concentrations of fumes and dust.

Their structure is equipped with specific aspiration panels whose slits are able to rapidly extract big quantities of pollutants ensuring an immediate protection to the worker, besides efficiently keeping air healthy, so that they meet the requirements of the norms in force on matter of occupational safety.

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