Suction benches

The particular design of suction benches, studied to avoid that the pollutant reaches the worker during processing on the countertop, allows dry fumes and dust aspiration at the source of production directly. Aspiration is performed within the work surface and air is filtered through filtering cartridges inside of the suction bench. Aspiration ends with the backwash compressed air cleaning of cartridges.



Direct aspiration at the emission source: widespread aspiration on the countertop, without jeopardizing the processing.


Immediate protection of the worker: pollutants are extracted and filtered before they disperse in the air.


Adaptability: independent structure which can be easily positioned and connected with an aspiration system.

Main products

Banchi aspiranti - PoliJet


Self-contained unit featuring sophisticated cartridge filters (instead of common pocket filters), able to filter particles from 0.2 to 2 micron with 99.9% filtration efficiency.
Banchi aspiranti - PoliWood


Suction bench in galvanized sheet metal with cartridge filters which is ideal for the direct extraction of fumes and dust in finishing operations, wood sanding dust, marble sanding dust, foundries and engineering industry.

Banchi aspiranti - PoliWeld


Suction bench in galvanized sheet metal with cartridge filters which ensures top efficiency in the aspiration and filtration of fumes and dust deriving from welding operations.

Banchi aspiranti - PoliEx


POLIEX suction bench has been designed to be used in ATEX extraction and filtration systems, without motor and with a progressive aspiration covered hopper, control/cleaning opening and a “No Residual Powder” special suction output.

Banchi aspiranti - BS


Welding bench coming with internal motor. The bench in galvanized sheet metal extracts fumes and dust, deriving from welding, deburring and sanding operations of wood and marble processing, engineering industry and foundries, as soon as they are produced through specifically designed slits. BS/S model without fan to be connected to existing aspiration systems is available.

Banchi aspiranti - BSX

BS Plasma

Suction bench designed for manual plasma cutting, equipped with suction surface and frontal suction wall. The bench can be connected with an existing aspiration and filtration system.

Banchi aspiranti - BSX


Suction bench for small quantities of dust or processing producing low quantities of pollutants, coming with built-in fan, roof with light, stop/go motor switch and light control, in painted and soundproof version.

Aspiration systems

The extraction at the source is certainly the most efficient way to extract and remove dry fumes and dust, since it guarantees an immediate protection of employees and workplace. Suction benches are designed exactly for this purpose. These practical and sturdy benches ensure a widespread aspiration on the countertop through specifically designed slits, eliminating the contaminants as soon as they are produced before they are inhaled by workers or disperse in the air, without compromising the process and the result of the processing. As global leader in the field of aspiration and filtration systems, Coral offers a wide range of suction benches to be used in welding, sanding and grinding of wood and metals. Different filtering configurations of the suction benches are available depending on the different polluting products during processing.

In some cases, suction benches come with fan and filtration systems, in order to make the structure independent and easy to position in the workplace. Alternatively, suction benches can be connected with a major aspiration system or equipped with suction arms, especially in the event that fumes and dust have to be extracted from extremely heavy or bulky pieces which cannot be supported by the suction bench. Moreover, depending on customers’ need, there are suction benches with suction or non-suction lateral and frontal walls which are useful to stop dust dispersion into the environment in any case.

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