Suction arms and hoods

Suction arms are the ideal solution for the elimination of various contaminants released by industrial processes. Aspiration takes place directly in the point where the harmful substances are emitted, avoiding damages to workers’ health.



Direct aspiration at the emission source: contaminants are extracted at source, ensuring an immediate protection for the worker.


Arms with different lengths with the possibility of being connected to extensions.


Suction arms with Atex certification available, suitable for potentially explosive workplaces.

Main products

Bracci aspiranti - Evolution no-smoke

Evolution no-smoke

Evolution self-supporting suction arm represents the best technical solution for the suction of welding fumes, gas, vapors, aerosol, oil fumes and dust. Evolution has been designed and manufactured in compliance with regulations related to the extraction of noxious contaminants from the work environment.

Telescopic Evolution no-smoke

Due to its features, the telescopic arm is ideal for the elimination of fumes and dust in work positions with limited space which, therefore, need the use of a small and easy to position suction arm.

Flex Evolution no-smoke

Suction arm equipped with a high resistance totally flexible pipe which can be fix on the wall, positioned on the working table or on wheeled units and ensures an easy and convenient movement of the arm to ease the achievement of the emission point of contaminants.

bracci aspiranti - evolution no smoke atex

Evolution no-smoke ATEX

Suction arm with ATEX 2014/34/EU Certification, specifically designed for the aspiration of harmful dust and substances in potentially explosive environments. In particular, it’s compatible to use in zones 21, 1 and with classified dust zone st3.

Bracci aspiranti - Dynaflex


All length flexible and easy to move, this full no-smoke Flex suction arm allows to easily reach the most functional position for the aspiration of contaminants.

Bracci aspiranti - Probis


Self-supporting articulated arm to be easily fixed with quick-locking screws, ideal for extracting fumes and dust emitted by laboratories, gold craft factories, dental laboratories, electronics or small-scale craft works.

Bracci aspiranti - Sky Hood

Sky Hood

Modular hood which can be set up on supporting legs or suspended from the ceiling and ensures a high extraction efficiency at very low air volumes and thus lower energy consumption, thanks to the innovative unique flow principle.

Bracci aspiranti - Accessori


To complete and integrate suction arms, the following accessories are available: Mobil tower, electric fans and arm extensions.

Localized aspiration of contaminants in their emission point

Among the numerous solutions for aspiration systems offered by Coral, suction arms are an optimal solution thanks to their versatility and top efficiency. They are used for the aspiration of various polluting agents released by different industrial productive processes and allow pollution extraction at source because, being articulated, they can they can get as close as possible to the worker and to the point of emission of the particulate to be captured. This enables to immediately minimize the worker’s exposure to harmful agents during processing.

Length and diameter of suction arms are variable, according to the needs. A suction hood is placed at the end of the arms to capture the contaminant more easily. Moreover, a rotary bearing enables arm rotation from to 180° to 360° if installed on a cantilevered extension.

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