Mobile and Centralized Filter Units

The easy carrying of wheeled filter units makes them suitable for several workplaces, even the smallest ones. The easy positioning of these wheeled units, with the possibility of installing also a suction arm, allows to get as close as possible to the emission zone of the pollutant.



Units which can be easily moved and positioned close to the work area, thanks to the compact design.


Possibility to install suction arms to allow a fast aspiration close to the direct source of pollutant.


Simple and fast maintenance of the system, thanks to an easy access to the filtering section which facilitate its replacement.

Main products

Gruppi filtranti - T-Weld


Portable welding torches aspirator which is equipped with a joint allowing the connection to an extraction unit, specifically designed to directly reach the point of emission of hazardous welding fumes.

Gruppi filtranti - Cleango


Also available in the wall version (Cleango Wall), it’s a compact, manageable and sturdy wheeled filter unit equipped with a suction arm and designed for the occasional extraction of low concentrations of fumes and dust.

Gruppi filtranti - Cleaning-DF

Cleaning DF

Wheeled filter with horizontal cartridges which is cleaned manually and equipped with attachments for one or two suction arms, suitable for the extraction and filtration of welding fumes, fine for indoor use.

Gruppi filtranti - Jetclean-DF

JetClean DF

Wheeled filter with horizontal cartridges, equipped with an automatic compressed air cleaning system and attachments for one or two suction arms, which is used indoor spaces where extraction and filtration of welding fumes fine and coarse dust.

Gruppi filtranti - Grindex-DF

Grindex DF

Low noisiness and space saving suction filter which is specifically designed for the dry suction of grinder dust, where there’s the possibility of transporting incandescent particles which would damage the filters and which is able to avoid fire hazard.

Gruppi filtranti - Serie F

F Series

Super space saving design but, at the same time, high efficiency of aspiration. Filtering is performed through two working stages: filtering cartridge and active carbons. It’s designed for electronic industry and laboratories, but it’s can be also applied in chemical and pharmaceutical sectors, professional schools and gold craft factories.

Gruppi filtranti - Olismoke


Top extractor for fumes and vapors which is particularly required by electronic, electrical engineering and radio engineer sectors where the various components are assembled on printed circuit using tin welding.

Gruppi filtranti - Eurofilter


It’s suitable for extracting dust of different kinds and dry shavings from single or multiple sources. It’s made of panels of galvanized or painted sheet on request, with bag filters in needle felt C with automatic cleaning with vibrator or compressed air and continuous discharge of shavings and dust.

Gruppi aspiranti - Clen


Wheeled dust separator specifically designed for the suction of wood dust, complete with a plastic collection bag, a switch compliant to EC standard, a polyester filter and a steel fan.

Gruppi filtranti - Handy


Wheeled dust separator for the suction of wood dust. It’s complete with a polyester filter bag, a plastic collection bag and thermal switch compliant to EC standards, three suction openings with three different diameters Ø100L – Ø120L – Ø150L and a ground level inlet.

Gruppi filtranti - CA


High efficiency wheeled dust separator, available with one or more filter bags, which is used for suction and filtration of air polluted by wood dust and shavings.

Gruppi filtranti - Trendy Plus

Trendy Plus

Fixed or portable dust separator which can be easily installed in any space. Its polyester filter bags are particularly appropriate for the suction of wood dust.

Gruppi filtranti - GAM


Movable and compact wheeled aspirator equipped with a wide filter surface area and a large volume of processing waste containment which is mainly used for the aspiration of wood dust and shavings, but also dust from processing of rubber and plastics.

The movable solution for the aspiration of harmful substances

Coral technologies successfully respond to demands of aspiration and filtration systems both at national and international level. Many industrial and craft sectors which cannot install a fixed aspiration system, due to the nature of the piece to be processed or the structure of the workshop, but need easy-to-move aspiration and filtration systems, rely on our wheeled and fixed filter units. Their main advantage lies in the extreme practicality and in the possibility of easily move the aspiration system to the most functional point for its direct use.

They are small sized, manageable and sturdy air aspiration and cleaning units, designed according to the best criteria of modern technology. They are equipped with attachments for different types of suction arms which are able to easily reach the polluting source. Moreover, the two pivoting wheels of the wheeled units further facilitate to move them.

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