Industrial vacuum units

Maintenance and cleaning of the workplace from waste and scraps are usually performed by industrial vacuum cleaners which are suitable for the aspiration of more or less polluting dust, solids or liquids, depending on their features.



Health and safe workplace: aspiration reduces the risk of inhalation of polluting and harmful substances by workers.


Maintenance of equipment efficiency: the removal of waste and scraps prevents their damaging accumulation on the equipment.


Compliance with norms: the use of aspiration systems is compliant with occupational safety norms in force.

Main products

Perfect cleaning for any workplace

Industrial vacuum cleaners are the best solution to remove processing scraps which are produced in any workplace, ensuring top levels of efficiency, safety, hygiene and cleaning in any production or working area. Industrial vacuum cleaners are the ideal system not only for workplaces where the presence of dust and dirt in general is forbidden, but also for all industrial applications producing any type of harmful and toxic substances which are damaging for the environment and workers.

That’s why each industrial vacuum cleaner is designed and manufactured for a specific purpose: aspiration of dust, shavings or other solid scraps or oils and liquids. Coral produces aspiration solutions which improve production processes and workplaces quality and assesses and finds the ideal industrial vacuum system to offer according to customers’ needs.

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