Horizontal cartridge filters

Horizontal cartridge filters for fumes and dust filtration, including plasma cutting fumes, ensure easier and faster filters replacement and maintenance operations, thanks to their different set up.



Easy access to filtration section for an easier maintenance or replacement of internal cartridges.


Descending airflow which determines a low compressed air consumption and an easy treatment of fine dust.


Compact design: easy-to-move and install structure, suitable for indoor workplaces too.

Main products

Filtri a cartucce orizzontali - Aircompact-O


Cartridge filter, equipped with a cyclic pneumatical compressed air cleaning system, which can efficiently separate medium and fine dust of the polluted airflow. Besides standard cartridges, it’s equipped with ultra-web and nanofiber cartridges for plasma cutting filtration. It’s also available in ATEX version with relative safety systems and accessories.

Horizontal set up of the cartridges for an easy access to the filtration section

The distinguishing feature of horizontal cartridge filters is the horizontal set up of the filter cartridges. First, this feature allows an easy access to the filtration section, as well as an easy and fast frontal cartridges extraction, which simplify possible control, replacement and maintenance operations. This configuration allows a descending airflow which makes the filter unit especially suitable for fine and very light dust treatment. As all cartridge filters, also these systems operate through a mechanical filtration process: the wide filtering surface of cartridges retains solid particles and separate them from inlet airflow, purifying the air optimally.

Finally, thanks to their compactness, horizontal cartridge filters are easy to move and install. The design and manufacturing of these aspiration and filtration systems, then installed in Italy and at international level, prove the constant commitment of Coral in studying systems which are suitable for the most varied industrial system engineering demands.

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