Cyclone separators are designed for the elimination of coarse dust, shavings, sawdust, metal dust, thanks to the efficient principle of centrifugal force. Their positioning allows the abatement of dust before the filtration in a more complex system. Cyclones dimensions are calculated according to the airflow rates of the system and the quantity of pollutant to be eliminated.



High elimination efficiency with coarse polluting particles.


Ideal pre-filtering solution: the cyclonic pre-collection of coarse dust allows better filtration of fine dust with the following filters.


Easy recovery of dust: once dust is separated from the airflow though the centrifugal force, it’s collected in a bin positioned under the cyclone.

Main products

Cicloni separatori - CFS


Special Cyclone Filters are used in suction and filtration systems for coarse grain dust, shavings, sawdust and metal powders. They can also be used as a pre-filter in several systems. They are manufactured in galvanized sheet metal or stainless steel on request.


Ciclon Car

High efficiency galvanized sheet metal cyclone used as prefilter in centralized systems, with high efficiency with fine dust as well. It’s supplied complete with supporting legs and wheeled bin.

Ciclone Aren

High efficiency painted cyclone used as pre-treatment for the partial elimination of pollutants in case dust loads entering the filter need to be limited. It’s suitable for the separation of dust produced by processing in engineering industry, wood and environment, recycling and waste sectors.

Centrifugal abatement systems

Cyclone separators use the principle of physical separation of polluting particles from the air. The efficiency of cyclone separators functioning is based on centrifugal force. Dust enters the cyclone at a tangent and acquires a swirling downward motion as a result of its weight and the centrifugal force. The dust particles separated from the airflow hit the walls, fall down and collect in the specific wheeled bin below, while clean air exits upwards. These systems are used in industrial processing which produce high concentration of coarse dust of any nature.

For this reason, they are often used as the first step in a system which provides for a filtration process with cartridge or bag filters. Cyclone separator pre-filtration extracts all heavy, coarse and potentially abrasive particles from the airflow which may easily damage a filter with cartridges, bags or pockets.

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